A lot of window companies try tell you that new windows is what you need to save huge reductions in your energy bills. Windows do leak heat, but other things on your home can save you more on your energy bills at a lot less money. Windows do help the appearance of your home and sometimes no other alternative is better than new windows.

At Home Rx we will not just try to sell you windows, but offer options that best fit the needs of your home. We offer an array of options from storm windows, re-furbishing your old wood windows so they operate and seal better, and yes new windows as well. Whether you want to upgrade your windows for better efficiency or you want to update the look of your home. Home Rx can help you determine what best works for you.

We do all our installations in house. We do not sub the work out to another contractor. Home Rx makes a practice to follow AAMA installation procedures for retrofit window installations and only use new windows that meet or exceed the rigorous ENERGY STAR guidelines.

When it comes to your doors we follow the same approach. Many residential utility customers in the Puget Sound area are eligible for rebates that offset the cost of an audit. For example, Puget Sound Energy offers $250 off the cost of an audit and Seattle City Light offers audits for just $95.


Depending on your utility providers, you will be eligible for a different group of rebates as shown in the chart below. Federal tax credits are calculated on pre-rebate amounts. NOTE: All rebates listed in this document are subject to change and new rebates are frequently added. Be sure to check the utility websites listed at the end of this document for the most up-to-date information.