Stay Safe Indoors During Severe Winter Weather

While some may think it’s safe to assume you’re secure while indoors during the winter, you and your home are still susceptible to severe weather conditions. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself from even the most severe winter storm.

·        Inspect your heating systems – Make sure your heating system is working properly and have it serviced by a professional in the fall to make sure it’s clean and operating efficiently. If you’re worried about the power going out, purchase a backup generator and make sure it’s connected to your heating system. Try to purchase an energy-efficient model so your backup generator lasts longer in an emergency; plus you’ll save money on your monthly utility costs.

·        Install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors – Odorless gas can be deadly, and loss of power can render your CO detector useless. Make sure your CO detector is working by purchasing backup batteries if it’s a battery model. If your detector is connected to your electrical grid, make sure you have a backup generator that can power it in case of utility service failures.

·        Compose a safety kit – Anything can happen when it comes to severe winter weather so it’s best to be prepared for emergencies. Create a safety kit that you can store in your home or car and pack it with essentials. Water, canned goods, flashlights with extra batteries, a pocket knife, snack bars, a battery-powered radio, extra blankets, booster cables and extra clothing accessories can help you make it through a severe winter storm in the event your power or heating goes out.1

·        Prepare your car for winter emergencies – If you have no other choice and must leave your home for an emergency it’s best to winterize your car for icy and snowy roads. Pack your winter emergency kit in your car, take a first-aid kit, bring water and non-perishable food, put chains on your tires, salt your tires, put winter formula in your windshield washers, bring a fully charged cell phone capable of operating in emergencies without service and roadside emergency equipment like flares.2 The better prepared you are, the safer you’ll be on the roads.

·        Insulate your home – Insulation acts like a warm sweater for your home, keeping warm air in and cold air out. Insulation works regardless of whether there’s power or not, making it a worthwhile investment for your home. If you already have insulation, have a professional examine it to make sure it’s working properly and that there are no gaps or empty spaces through which heat could escape. If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s unobstructed and light a small fire to insulate your home from the cold; the added heat will spread throughout your home without escaping, keeping you warm even when the power goes out.

Stay Prepared with Performance Insulation

Planning for a winter emergency can be overwhelming but HomeRx can optimize your home to minimize your concerns and risks. At HomeRx our professionals understand the common issues homeowners face when dealing with winter issues and can provide advice and fix vital structures and functions of your home to withstand severe winter weather conditions. 

Our professionals and certified technicians can perform energy audits, weatherize your home with insulation and air sealing and perform indoor air quality tests to ensure your home is ready for whatever winter throws at you. We also specialize in installing and repairing heat pumps. Contact us today and we’ll help prepare you and your home with weatherization services conducted by licensed professionals. 


Staying Safe During season Change

We can stay safe and sound during any season change while staying inside the home. During season change, we are facing several kinds of problems, especially rain, snowfall, heat, and during any natural calamities. We used to take several kinds of precautions while staying inside the house during heavy winters. Here from this article also, we learn some basic things about how to safe indoors during severe winters. Thanks for such wonderful tips on how to prepare our home for winters.

We should be prepared

We should be prepared before hand to face intense weather conditions. Your services seem perfect when in severe winter people stay home. You make winters save for us. Thanks,

Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing some beautiful advises that can take to protect our self from even the most severe winter storm. Everyone must know this and be alert on winter storm.

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