Upgrading Insulation – A Home Improvement Project with Real ROI

There are many important factors that contribute to an energy-conscious, comfortable home. Everything from appliance and fixture choices to roofing and lighting will impact your home’s efficiency. Homeowners who are tired of high utility bills and are seeking methods to improve efficiency are faced with an array of potential improvement options, such as replacing doors and windows, replacing old and inefficient HVAC systems with newer models or upgrading their water heater. The only problem with these options is the associated price tags, which can be exorbitantly high if you’re looking for fast, affordable improvements. 

Fortunately, insulating your household, one of the most affordable possible upgrades, can make the biggest difference when it comes to conservation and comfort. This is doubly true for our Puget Sound area neighbors who can qualify for up to $700 in utility company rebates for upgrading their home’s attic insulation!

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How it Works

Heat always flows from warmer to cooler areas until there is no longer a temperature differential between the two. This means hot air will try to move from your warm house to the cold air outside during winter and from outside into your air-conditioned residence during the summer. Both scenarios can make parts of your home uncomfortable for occupants and cause your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to in order to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

Insulating your home creates a barrier that prevents warm air from either entering or escaping, kind of like wearing a sweater, which means the interior temperature is always what you want it to be.

Cost Versus Benefit

Unless your house was initially (and recently) built with the express intent of being optimized for efficiency, you will likely be able to significantly reduce your energy bills by adding insulation. Even houses with pre-existing insulation can be updated with additional layers to maximize your control of heat flow.

Different varieties of insulation are measured by their R-value, referring to the material’s maximum thermal performance. Some materials can be installed by the average homeowner but more effective materials and methods are best handled by a professional with the necessary equipment and training.

You may be concerned about the cost of professional installation, but keep in mind that boosting attic insulation from R-11 to R-49 can potentially save up to $600 per year in energy costs. Local utilities are also incentivizing insulation upgrades by offering up to $700 in rebates to homeowners who upgrade. With that kind of ROI you can expect your insulation improvements to pay for themselves in a matter of years.

Before making a purchase, schedule an appointment with the local Puget Sound experts at HomeRx to see how much energy you can save by insulating your home! Make sure to ask about your eligibility for the current utility company rebates!


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