Do the Windows I Buy Really Affect Energy Efficiency?

The answer to that question is absolutely yes. Energy transfers through windows in a number of ways. The glass itself acts as a conducive layer, through which heat can enter in the summer and warmth escape in the winter. Improper sealing will also result in air leaks around the window frame itself. While having natural light is great from an aesthetic perspective, the sun can pump a lot of heat into a home through windows.

You’ll hear some people question the validity of window replacement as a way to improve energy efficiency, but there are a number of non-industry resources that advocate for the efficacy of energy-efficient windows. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that exterior storm windows can potentially reduce heat transfer through windows by 10 to 20%, and that properly sealing your windows with caulk could potentially save you an additional 5 to 10% if your current sealing is inadequate.

The green movement is big these days, and as a result there’s been a lot of money put into studying efficiency and how to optimize homes and businesses for minimal energy consumption. ENERGY STAR®, an EPA offshoot, has performed in-depth, nationwide studies on the impact of energy-efficient windows. If you’re a homeowner you’ll want to check out their stats regarding the energy savings you could be experiencing.

If you live somewhere with a mild climate, like the Seattle area, you may be skeptical of just how much money you could be saving, and how long it would take to make a return on that investment. According to ENERGY STAR, even homeowners in these climates can save approximately $134 a year on their utility bills if they upgrade from double-pane windows to new ENERGY STAR-certified windows. They suggest an even more dramatic annual savings of $366 if upgrading from old, single-pane windows.

That’s not to say the doubters are lying to you. It’s not uncommon for people to upgrade to new windows that the salesperson claimed were the latest energy-efficient options. Unfortunately not every replacement window company’s windows are made equal, and just because a window is advertised as being energy-efficient doesn’t necessarily mean it’s earned ENERGY STAR certification.

The same is true of installers, and it’s possible your replacement windows were installed by inexperienced subcontractors, significantly reducing the benefits of your new, energy-efficient windows.

The home efficiency experts at HomeRx take a slightly different approach to windows and doors than most similar contractors, whose first instinct tends to be hard selling you on all the wonderful benefits of replacement windows. But if your windows are relatively new and you didn’t experience a massive amount of energy savings, there could be a problem with the way they were installed, inadequate weather-stripping or improper sealing.

If your home would benefit from new, enhanced window options the professionals at HomeRx will tell you, but if there’s a better solution for your home and budget, they will suggest it.

HomeRx does a lot more than just windows. They take a holistic approach to optimizing every client’s home energy consumption by first performing a detailed energy audit and then writing a prescription that will get your house healthy. If you really want to know all you can do to maximize your home’s efficiency, schedule one of HomeRx’s energy audits today!






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