Stay Safe Indoors During Severe Winter Weather

While some may think it’s safe to assume you’re secure while indoors during the winter, you and your home are still susceptible to severe weather conditions. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself from even the most severe winter storm.

·        Inspect your heating systems – Make sure your heating system is working properly and have it serviced by a professional in the fall to make sure it’s clean and operating efficiently. If you’re worried about the power going out, purchase a backup generator and make sure it’s connected to your heating system. Try to purchase an energy-efficient model so your backup generator lasts longer in an emergency; plus you’ll save money on your monthly utility costs.

Upgrading Insulation – A Home Improvement Project with Real ROI

There are many important factors that contribute to an energy-conscious, comfortable home. Everything from appliance and fixture choices to roofing and lighting will impact your home’s efficiency. Homeowners who are tired of high utility bills and are seeking methods to improve efficiency are faced with an array of potential improvement options, such as replacing doors and windows, replacing old and inefficient HVAC systems with newer models or upgrading their water heater. The only problem with these options is the associated price tags, which can be exorbitantly high if you’re looking for fast, affordable improvements. 

Do the Windows I Buy Really Affect Energy Efficiency?

The answer to that question is absolutely yes. Energy transfers through windows in a number of ways. The glass itself acts as a conducive layer, through which heat can enter in the summer and warmth escape in the winter. Improper sealing will also result in air leaks around the window frame itself. While having natural light is great from an aesthetic perspective, the sun can pump a lot of heat into a home through windows.

Hot Summer Temperatures in Seattle. Get Air Conditioning Now!

Climate authorities have forecast significantly higher than normal temperatures across much of the country including the PNW, so the time to get air conditioning or a heat pump is before it gets HOT, not after that first week of 90 degree weather. If you wait we will be booked full so contact us NOW to ensure your family will be comfortable when the sweltering heat hits. Click here for a link to our Air Conditioning Promotional Flyer.